Emergency Kabul

Afghans are being killed and injured in greater numbers than at any time since the beginning of the US war there 14 years ago. Inside the emergency room at the Emergency Surgical Center for War Victimsin Kabul, the lucky ones are saved by a dedicated but consistently exhausted staff of Afghan and foreign doctors and nurses. This project documents the increasing violence suffered by Afghan civilians, a direct result of the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in 2014. Every day through the front gate passes a steady flow of minivan ambulances and Toyota Corolla taxis bearing wounded civilians from the provinces into the hospital. They come from a huge area of central Afghanistan, a constellation of places that all have one thing in common- fierce, deadly fighting. As the fighting escalates between the Taliban and the Afghan security forces, more and more of them are caught in the fighting. The increasing price paid by noncombatants in Afghanistan is a harbinger for an unstable future for the country, and a legacy of the US war there.