The ideal of the Gaucho- the tough as nails Argentine cowboy out riding the plains- is one of the foundational archetypes of the Argentine character.  Like the cowboys of the American west, the gauchos recall for us a simpler time, over the horizon, in the past we just left behind.

Life for the gauchos of the 21st century is more complicated. As there are fewer and fewer cattle to run, the lone horseman finds himself increasingly out of demand.

In San Antonio de Areco in the Argentine Pampas, some gauchos still manage to work the fields, preserving the culture and traditions of the paisano. Some have had to migrate overseas to make money, training polo ponies in England or racehorses in Italy. And some push the notion of the gaucho into the future, becoming experts at bovine biotechnology. They cobble together, on their terms, a life of horsemanship and cattle running. They do what they can to keep the dream alive and earn their living, or at least some part of it, under the broad open sky.